Sunday, 11 September 2011

Loving Crafts Is A Way Of Life

So what is this post all about? ... Well I have decided to do something a little mad, a good mad but it is still mad all the same.

I have been enquiring about various different courses for just over a year now with a textile or jewellery course base subject. Since I have a degree in Chemistry it has been hard to find a course that didn't cost me £9000 per year (this is because of I have an ELQ (equivalent learning qualification) which bumps up the price three fold even before all the high increase in fees next year).

However, perseverance and faith have served me well. I went for an interview for a foundation degree last Monday and they have accepted me onto the course. It is a jewellery design foundation degree and sounds really amazing. So, what is the mad bit? I had to decide on Monday night whether I wanted to do the course or not and then to tell work the very next day that I wanted to hand in my notice. I have given up my very good job within the Pharmaceutical industry to go and learn about something I love to do! I still cannot quite believe it. I start the course in a few weeks from now. My aim is to make precious metal wedding jewellery and set up my own company selling bespoke items. I am in the process of making wedding tiaras at the moment and will post photographs soon of the ones I have made already.

It feels really great to be making such a life changing decision and to follow something I love doing. I cant wait to start!

Stephie :o)


  1. That is a huge step but if you do what you love, you will be good at it! Much happier too.

    Best of luck as you go down this new path.

  2. Wow - well done, what a brave decision. If you have that amount of drive and determination you're sure to achieve your goals. Good luck & enjoy :)


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