Saturday, 21 January 2012

Cute pincushion tutorial

It has been one of those weeks this week and I am really starting to feel tired. However I was this pincushion based on the film Up and thought it most definately deserved a mention...

For the instructions of how to make it just click here and it should take you to the website.

I have also been adding a few more items to my folksy shop like these lovelies ready for Valentines Day...

Red crystal and faux pearl earrings!
Talking of which I really should get making something for my other half.... hmmmm.... what to make him?


  1. That IS a cute pincushion!

    Etsy Blog Team

    1. Thank you for the comment. I just loved the pincushion and thought it would be great to share with others :-)

      Take care,


  2. I love the movie UP! What a cute pincushion! I'll have to go see about the tutorial.

  3. Oh that's a fantastic pincushion!!! It's one of those items that would just put you in a happy mood to see sitting next to you while you work. Fantastic find! :-)

  4. I really liked the pin cushion too. Not sure how it would work as an actual pin cushion since it seems to be made from paper and glue. Really interesting, thanks for posting.

  5. Cute pin cushion tutorial! Followed you from Blogging Buddies :)


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