Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Tea And Beads ... And Chocolate Shhh!!! - Day 23

I am very excited about the things I have been making today. So much so that I have actually stopped half way though my painting of my handmade beads so that I can share what I have been doing with you all.

My work table is never tidy when I'm making beads so please excuse the mess :-)
Work table in use :-)   by StephieStephie

This is a picture from blog day 21 of 365 blogging showing some of the things I had made from a bit of leftover clay.

Clay in the drying process by StephieStephie
It's not the most exciting of pictures but read on and you will see what has now become of some of these things :-)

I am going to make a brooch out of the piece in the center with the pink flower on it. If you are quick off the mark you will notice that it is the round, flat piece of clay in the first picture. I think it looks far more attractive now that it is painted. All of the beads and buttons that you see in this photograph have been handmade by me out of clay and will soon be made into different forms of jewellery.
Hand painted clay beads, buttons and brooches waiting to be varnished by StephieStephie
This is a photograph of what is to eventually become a brooch which will be unique for that oh so lucky person!
Brooch in the making by StephieStephie
This is a handful of black and white beads that I have made that also now need to be varnished.

Black and white hand painted clay beads by StephieStephie
Black and white hand painted clay beads by StephieStephie
Last but definitely not least are these. They are my favourite and look amazing now that they are painted! The photograph does not do these justice nor can it portray how much cuteness that these little brooch tea cups hold.
Hand Painted tea cup brooches waiting to be varnished by StephieStephie
I can not wait to finish these and make them into brooches.

What do you think? Do you like them?

Thank you for reading and see you again tomorrow :-)

Stephie x


  1. The teacup and flowers brooches are SO cute :) Hx

  2. I love the flower, but the teacups are my favourite!! :) They are so cute and pretty. Thanks for stopping by my blog - I'm now following yours! xx

  3. Hello Stephanie!
    Thanks for following my blog!
    I like that you make your own beads, Looks like you've been very busy! :)

  4. Hey! I just realised I got your name wrong, sorry about that! I saw Stephie.. wrote Stephanie oops! x


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