Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Clay Hearts - Day 59

 I have been painting and varnishing these cute little clay hearts that I made using my cutters I got the othe week from my Nan through the post.
Clay hearts by StephieStephie
I am thinking that I will make these into rings? or mini brooches. I am not sure yet but I am going to have a little experiment to see what will work best.

I am also starting to get very excited about a new member that we will be adding to our family this weekend. It is not a baby but it is definately still cute. We are going to be getting a little bunny rabbit :-) It is all fluff at the moment! We are getting it from another family member as their rabbit has had bunnies. I will be posting photographs of it soon.

Thank you for reading

Stephie :-)

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  1. Following now, look forward to what treasures you'll create

    Hannelore x

  2. love these hearts. How about earrings? I think they would work well as earring.
    And oh... bunnies. Love those cute little balls of fur. I had a few rabbits many years ago, they were just running all over the back yard.


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