Friday, 13 May 2011

Black And White Necklace - Day 39

I have finally got around to making something with my handmade beads that I made a little while ago! I took a photograph of the items that I was going to use to make the necklace. ( A couple of beads I couldn't use as the holes were too small for the ribbon!)

A selection of beads by StephieStephie

I have used three of my handmade clay beads for this necklace with a selection of black and silver coloured beads and some thin black ribbon that I think is satin ribbon! This was the result...
Black and white ribbon necklace by StephieStephie

I wanted to thread these beads onto waxed cord but I found out the I don't have any and will have to buy some more! I think that the ribbon works just as well too ... what do you think?

Close up of black and white ribbon necklace by StephieStephie

All I need to do now is add a fastening and then it is complete :-)


I also now need to buy some more thin ribbon as I think I have ran out! That means more parcels in the post. Yippie :-)

Talking of things coming in the post do any of you love getting post? I absolutely love it. I have been rooting around in my treasure trove of a craft room and came across an awful lot of cards for writing letters to people. This got me thinking how nice it would be to have pen pals who share in the world of crafting? Maybe also send little samples of things we have been using or making every now and again. I would really like to use these cards and who knows even make a crafty friend or two. Leave a comment if you are interested or send a message through etsy.

Happy blogging everyone

Stephie :-)

(Why was blogger not working yesterday and today properly?)


  1. I think ribbon necklaces are beautiful! Great work!

  2. I love ribbon and would love to learn how to make beautiful ribbon jewelry! Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

    My blog was down too. I really had a great idea of a post too. Now I forgot what it was! Yikes!!

  3. Oh and I would love a penpal! My addy is Kottage Kreations 1143 South Ave., Turlock, CA 95380 U.S.A.


I love comments so thank you for commenting and reading my blog. Come back tomorrow for the next instalment! Stephie :-)

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