Monday, 23 May 2011

New Listings YAY! - Day 50

Wow I really can not believe that I have made it to DAY 50! I am so thrilled. I only have ... erm ... (365-50 =315) .. 315 more days to go :-)

I just hope that I am managing to keep you all interested in the things that I have been making and other bits and bobs.

Tonight I have been busy adding some more brooches to my etsy shop. I love making new things and I have found it quite hard not to post these in the making but I think it was worth the wait as they look so beautiful! What do you recon?

Turquoise and mint green flower tea cup by StephieStephie

Turquoise, baby blue and black flower tea cup by StephieStephie
 These are a few more of the collection that you can shortly find in my etsy shop StephieStephie! 

There is also free postage for the first 10 items sold in my shop (Only 9 more to go) so be quick to get YOUR FREE POSTAGE!

Flower Tea Cup Brooches by StephieStephie
 Also these are my newest collection called CIRCLES AND DOTS tea cup collection by StephieStephie
Circles and Dots collection by StephieStephie
Do you like them?

You can find all these and much more over on my etsy shop StephieStephie.

I also have a FREE GIVEAWAY for one of my tea cup brooches so be sure to come back tomorrow for the details of how to enter and WIN!

Thank you for looking and see you soon

Stephie :-)


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  1. your tea cup brooches are very pretty. so is the goal to blog every day for a year? just curious.

  2. Yes it is. I have challenged myself to post each and every day - Don't ask me why!

    Thank you for looking :-)

  3. I think the little teacups are adorable! Congratulations on your blog posts. I'm trying to post daily. Sometimes it's hard. When I was out of town for a long weekend, I was actually having withdrawls!

  4. Stephie...I love your teacups!!! Im going to show them to my daughter...I think she will love them, too. I'm thinking Christmas presents already ;) . I had to challenge myself on blogging, too. I started 2 other blogs a few years ago and they fizzled I thought between the challenge and my passion for the subject this time I would keep going! your work!!

  5. I am sure that when I have to go away again for a longer period of time I will get withdrawals too.

    I am glad that you all like my tea cups so much. It's nice to know that I am not makeing things that people don't like :-)

    I also have free shipping on all my things in my etsy shop

  6. Cute brooches, Stephie! I am a typical Scottish girl - I love nothing more than a cup of tea - so these really appeal to me!


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