Thursday, 5 May 2011

Longleat Safari Park - Day 32

Eating by StephieStephie
Following on from yesterdays blog post this little chap is having another photograph of him being shared. I love capturing animals going about their different behaviours.

This next one looks like they are kissing? Who knows what they are saying :-)

Mmmwwahh! by StephieStephie
These monkeys were very active and didn't stay still for long! Only long enough for a quick pose and then they were off again.
Tree hugger by StephieStephie
Incredibly playful in the water and very captivating watching them play.
Playful by StephieStephie
I really love looking at parrots, The colours of their feathers are amazing to see.

Polly want a cracker by StephieStephie
I think one of the places I most enjoyed was the butterfly enclosure. There were so many different kinds of butterflies in there I could hardly believe it. I wasn't able to get many decent shots of them as by the time i got to them they were off again and my camera was not fast enough to capture them. What I should have really said is that I don't understand enough about my camera settings to capture the butterflies when flying. But these two I did get. The second was considerably slower moving :-)
Butterfly by StephieStephie

Butterfly in the making By StephieStephie
After seeing all the animals we went around the hedge maze. It was so much fun trying to get to the castle in the middle. This is a photograph of one small part of the maze!
Maze at Longleat by StephieStephie
We all had so much fun at Longleat safari and camping. I would definitely recommend going!

Thank you for reading

Stephie :-)

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