Friday, 13 May 2011

Ideas - Day 40

I have had lots of inspiration lately for lots of things to make. So much so that my brain went into overload and I just had to get all my ideas down onto paper.

I am going to make some more tea cups but I think this time I will make them in slightly different shapes like tall ones, short ones, fat ones and thin ones :-) I also want to make some mini tea pots to acompany them!

The brooch backs have now been attached to my tea cups that I have already made, painted and varnished. They are going to be put onto some mottled blue card that I bought the other day.

Tes Cup brooch ready to sell by StephieStephie
Also I have got a rather large amount of cashmere wool that I got incredibly cheap at the market (£10 for roughly 3 bin bags of fabric but not all was cashmere) which is now going to be used for bags and scarves etc.

Our house also could do with a little bit of TLC at the moment so my making may have to go on hold for a while.

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