Monday, 11 April 2011

Blogging 365 - Day 8

So it is officially one week since I started my blog. I have posted on my blog every day about what I have been up to and what I have made or are in the making of.

I am really pleased that there are people out there that actually bother to read this blog, so to you people I say a huge thank you!

Today I make a birthday blog promise. I am going to try my hardest to do a blog every day until the 4th April 2012. This will include what I have been up to, what’s up and coming in my crafting world and hopefully I will add some tutorials and other things so you can follow in my footsteps if you choose.

However I need some help from you. Leaving comments and becoming a follower of my blog will give me that little extra kick now and again that I envisage I will need in the coming months to keep me on track for my challenge of 365 blogs.

A free prize giveaway will also happen in the near future to reward one lucky follower who happens to leave a comment on a future blog I will label as "Bloggers Reward - Free Prize Giveaway" for supporting me and this blog.

Happy Blogging

Stephie :-)


  1. Good luck with the blogging everyday, most commendable!

  2. Thank you averilpam It's going to be such a challenge but well worth it :-)


I love comments so thank you for commenting and reading my blog. Come back tomorrow for the next instalment! Stephie :-)

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