Monday, 25 April 2011

Lovely Blogs I Love To Follow - Day 22

Today has been a day of tidying and trying to do things that have been left for a long time.

My craft room has been trying to get a little bit of an organisational makeover with not much success! I am sure that it will happen one day in the future just not right now :-)

I have also been adding things to my blog.

First of all you can now follow Stephie's Treasure Trove via email with the new widget I have added to the right hand side of this blog. All you have to do is enter your email address and you will get updates for the newest posts on this blog.

Second of all I have now added a 'Lovely Blogs I Love To Follow' page to this blog. This contains a list of other bloggers that create the most wonderful things. I always look forward to reading these peoples posts and thought that it was time to share this with the people who read my blog!

Today this is what made me smile the most...

Felt Fibre Art by That Fuzzy Feeling
It is the completed piece that Liz from That Fuzzy Feeling has been working on. I have been following her on the progress she has been making for this beautiful piece and the waiting was definitely worth while!

Come back tomorrow for the next installment of 365 Blogging!

Happy blogging everyone and thank you for following.

Stephie x

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  1. Stephie, how lovely to click the link to your blog and discover this post...a lovely surprise, thank you! So pleased that you like the finished picture (hope my sister does too) Liz :)


I love comments so thank you for commenting and reading my blog. Come back tomorrow for the next instalment! Stephie :-)

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