Thursday, 7 April 2011

Thuds Throbs And Birds Of A Feather!

Don't you just hate it when you get home and you have the most almighty of headaches? Well that was me earlier on tonight. All I could feel was throb, throb, throb and all I could hear was thud, thud, and thud! Thankfully it has now gone away :-)

So my post for today is not about what I have been making or what I receiving through the letter box but rather what my eyes have been gazing at.

Whilst searching the World Wide Web I came across these scrumptious little birds and fell in love instantly!

I love the colours used to paint this little chap. I think it is the flecks of blue in his feathers that draws me in.
Mai Autumn - Looking for you.

 The next little bird that caught my eye was this gorgeous robin. I must admit that whenever I see a robin my knees go weak and my heart says 'Ahhhh'.
Mai Autumn - Hush Now

Last but not least was this little chap.  I really like the way the bird has been painted in this one.

Mai Autumn - Northern Flicker

The more that I am writing about these the more I want to buy them. I think some heavy hinting to my other half is going to have to take place :-)

(To see more please visit )

Happy blogging x


  1. I love birds and those are all lovely, delicate paintings :)

  2. I agree, they are beautiful!


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