Saturday, 9 April 2011

Hammerhead Dolls

Good morning to you all.

Today I am going to make some more of my Hammerhead Dolls. I love making these little creatures. Each one is different and has its own character and name.

So let me introduce you to a few of them...

This one is called Groucho. He loves to play outside on the grass but does not like his tummy being tickled too much...

Groucho - Hammerhead Dolls
"My name is Alexas. My favourite colour is yellow and I love to eat honey and sit in the sunshine."
Alexas - Hammerhead Dolls

"My name is Marvin. My favourite colour is beige and I love spending time at the beach and playing in the sand." Marvin si very small and is attached to a keyring so you can carry him around all day!

Marvin - Hammerhead Dolls
 In this picture there is Gaffa the tallest one and Checkers the smaller keyring version.

More of these will be on their way soon so keep an eye out.

Happy Blogging x

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