Thursday, 14 April 2011

Necklace Surface & Texture - Day 11

These are two of the necklaces I have made with my own handmade beads.

Teal Blue hand crafted necklace - StephieStephie

I really love the colours in this one. There are three clay beads that I handmade, tectured, painted and then finally varnished but also two felted beads that I did make myself too :-)
Close-up of clay and felted beads - StephieStephie

This next necklace is a lovely mixture of colours and textures...

Green handmade necklace - StephieStephie

I have used a large focal wooden bead for the center and then complemented this with a few hand painted clay neads and felt beads.

Close-up of hand crafted clay and felt beads - StephieStephie

Happy blogging :-)

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