Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Parcel from the postman!

I was so excited today when I saw that a red van was parked outside our house and the postman was knocking at our door. This could only mean one thing - I have MAIL!!! :-)

One thing you should know about me is that I love to recieve mail, especially when it is crafty stuff.

So what did I get? Well... here it is...

1) Swarovski beads - I absolutely love the sparkle that emits from these beautiful beads when light shines upon them. I am thinking of making some cluster earrings from these perhaps - I will have to see.

© Photograph by Stephanie Orman 

 2) Bead Caps - You can never have enough bead caps. I love using them. I think it just adds that little bit extra to your work. These are a bit different to the ones I already have so it is going to be interesting to see what my peices look like when finished.

© Photograph by Stephanie Orman
 3) More Bead Caps - Like I said above, you can never have too many bead caps :-)

© Photograph by Stephanie Orman
 4) Acrylic Stripe Beads - I really like the colourfullness of these beads and the smoothness of their surface. I'm not quite sure what I am going to do with these as of yet but something will come of them.

© Photograph by Stephanie Orman

 5) Adjustable Rings - I have got a couple of things that I wanted to try making into rings so I bought these to experiment with. 

© Photograph by Stephanie Orman

6) Gold Jump Rings - These are to fasten up some necklaces that I have partly made sitting patiently in my craft room.

© Photograph by Stephanie Orman
 7) Gold Keyrings - I had run out of my keyring findings but the only colour they had left was gold. I'm going to try them and see how they look. I still need to get some silver ones though!

© Photograph by Stephanie Orman

8) Glass beads - I really love these beads - Especially the green ones!

© Photograph by Stephanie Orman
I can not wait to get using up all of the supplies - I just want to stay up all night making things!

Thank you for reading my blog :-) I will post again tomorrow for the next update in my world of craftyness.

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  1. I Love-LOVE-love getting my parcels from the postman. Looks like your parcels are a lot of fun too! MMMMM Swarovski!


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