Thursday, 21 April 2011

One Lovely Blog Award - Day 18

OOooo so I have just found out that I have been awarded this by a very lovely blogger named Valerie. You can visit her over at valvalvoom for her blog.

Thank you ever so much Valerie, I love your blog and I am very grateful to have been chosen.

So the rules for this award are that once you have won you are supposed to share 7 wonderful things about myself with you all. Then you pass on the award to 15 lucky bloggers!

So here goes...

1) I LOVE crafting. I think about all the lovely things I could make all the time out of absolutely anything. I find the littlest thing and think 'Ooooo what could I make out of this?'

2) My favourite colour is purple. I even have purple coloured boots with a purple knit around the top - My favourite pair of footwear.

3) I am a Chemist. I graduated last summer with a BSc in Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry. I enjoy the mental challenge that science gives me.

4) I adore Italian food with the vast array of dished they have. Ooo I think after this I'm going to cook myself an Italian dish. Yum!

5) I really want to travel the world and visit as many places I can. All I need to do is save save save!

6) My ambition is to eventually set up my own crafting company so that it will become my main source of income - Time will tell.

7) Outdoors I find great. Whether that be walking, climbing, cycling, fishing anything - Especially when the weather is good

So now the hard part of picking only 15 of the great many bloggers out there...


  1. Awww thanks Stephie, so glad you like my blog and for always leaving such positive comments.

  2. Thank you Stephie for stopping by my blog and giving me this award:):) Enjoyed reading about you and getting to know you better:)

  3. Thanks so much for passing on the award ~ it was a delightful surprise!

  4. How Sweet! Thanks so much Stephanie, I am honored.

  5. Thank you Stephie - so pleased to hear that you enjoy my blog!

  6. Hi Stephie! Thanks for visiting my blog and for the award. I'm glad my frog wreath made you smile, it makes me smile too!

  7. Thank you so much Stephie, so glad my frog wreath made you smile! He makes me smile too! Also, for commenting on my blog :)

  8. Thanks millions Stephie, how perfectly lovely! Enjoyed reading your facts :)

  9. Love the sentiment of this award and well done! Must be a nice feeling to win it! I really like your felt earrings and your bunny!
    Off to check out some of your recommended reads!


I love comments so thank you for commenting and reading my blog. Come back tomorrow for the next instalment! Stephie :-)

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