Tuesday, 5 April 2011

StephieStephie - My Etsy Shop

So I have decided to bite the bullet and open up my very own etsy shop online. I have so many lovely things that I have made just sitting in my treasure trove of a craft room. It is time to let go and share it with the world.

In the days to come I will post some of the things that I have for sale on here as well as things in the making and materials for things that I have not yet had the ideas for making. I also do have some parcels coming in the mail full of beads and things - I love recieving mail through the letterbox!

I could not resist putting in a photograph of some of my ladybird keyrings! I just adore them!

Ladybird Keyrings by Stephanie Orman

Here is a short list to wet your apetite of things to come:

* Hand Felted Earrings
* Rouched Brooches
* Flower Bib Necklaces
* Hammerhead Dolls
* Keyrings

To visit my Etsy shop CLICK HERE!  (or go to http://www.etsy.com/shop/StephieStephie )

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